February 22, 2019
Bespoke Wedding Invites UK

01. About The Company

Bespoke wedding invites UK create bespoke wedding invites perfect for your big day. They specialise in many multicultural wedding invitations such as Muslim, Sikh, Islamic, Asian and also Christian invites. Each one of their invites is individual to each couple.

02. What They Wanted

Bespoke Wedding Invites approached us about their e commerce site with concerns that it wasn’t bringing in enough customers. As a result we discussed our SEO packages and the ways we can improve site ranking and traffic to the site through the use of SEO. They thought that investing in SEO would be a great way to gain new potential customers. In the end they decided to opt for our gold package as it would be more beneficial to them than the other two as it offered more than our bronze or silver packages.

03. What We Did

We did many things on this site during the SEO process with one aim, to increase site ranking. First of all we reviewed the sites current position on search engines to find out where the site ranks on search engines. The ranking position also gives us an understanding on how much work we need to do in order to increase rankings and get the site in the public eye.

After finding out the ranking of the site, one of the things we did was re-word some of the content that was already there so that it was better optimised for search results. We also created new relevant and up to date content in the form of monthly blogs which people in search of high quality bespoke wedding invites would find useful and informative. 

One of the other things we did was research in to keywords, these are specific words that customers will use to search for something on search engines. We then targeted the most relevant key words with the highest search results as this would help bring the site further up the search engine results page where people are more likely to click on it. Once we had targeted specific keywords we monitored the performance of them. 

We also provided monthly reports on the progression of SEO on this site so bespoke could see the effect of SEO.

The full details of everything included in this package can be found on the search engine optimisation page.