What SEO tools are free to use?

If you are currently lost when it comes to what SEO tools can help you drive traffic to your website but are also free? Then we at ManchesterSEOcompany are here to help you find the necessary SEO tools that will benefit your website.

Firstly, how can SEO tools make such a difference to your site’s visibility. Well SEO tools enable people with an online presence to increase their sites visibility by allowing them to rank on various search engines such as google, Bing and yahoo. SEO tools involve techniques that can help improve your sites performance. These tools involve:

Keyword research: This tool helps you identify the most relevant and popular keywords that individuals are currently searching. You are able to research the most profitable keywords that are relatable to your content, you are then able to incorporate them into your blogs, content on your site. For keyword research you able to use ahrefs keyword research. This tool is free and very handy to have.

Content marketing: its important to note that this SEO tool can help you identify opportunities and tracking your sites progress. This tool is used as a marketing strategy to attract individuals through creating and sharing relevant articles they are currently searching for.

Technical SEO tools: This tool will allow you to find areas of your website that aren’t currently performing as well as they should. This tool will help you fix those issues that are affecting your sites SEO.

Link building: Link building is all about getting other websites to link to relevant pages on your own site. These are otherwise known as backlinks. Content marketing can go hand in hand with link building to attract a wider audience.

Rank tracking tool: This tool can make all the difference to your website. A rank tracking tool is able to track keyword positions on search engines. It provides accurate and comprehensive results so you can gain an insight to how well your keywords are performing in search engines such as google.

Why do you need to use SEO tools?

When you are trying to create content that people find relatable and informative, but you don’t want it similar to others. Well conducting your own research on similar content will give you an insight into content that you competitors haven’t mentioned yet. If you want to make sure your content as well as your website is receiving traffic then SEO tools can assist you.

There are plenty of SEO tools that are free out there that are able to help you identify problems with your site and figure out what kind of changes you need to make to receive better results.

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