Pros & Cons of SEO

SEO services

Search engine optimisation has both advantages and disadvantages. Although it’s considered one of the most important tools to rank high with google. There are also downsides to SEO. In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of SEO services.

SEO is free

Firstly, SEO services are free of cost. However, it all depends on how much time you spend researching keywords and utilizing them within your content. People use search engines to find specific solutions to immediate problems or needs. When people search for a service you offer, you want to appear on the first search page. Paid ads always appear at the top of the results however around 41% of users will purposely avoid clicking on an advert in google searches.

Provides organic traffic

Majority of people who utilise SEO services for their website rely on organic traffic. SEO will help small business owners create a faster, smoother, and user-friendly website. Well-structured, clean and uncluttered websites compel a casual visitor to stay longer. Having high relevant content (articles & blogs) keeps your readers happy. If you’re willing to spend a few hours of your own time, energy and small amount of money, SEO services will bring “targeted” traffic to your website.

Building brand awareness  

One of the many benefits of getting higher rankings is building brand awareness. SEO and brand awareness go hand in hand. Although Search engine optimisation focuses mostly on driving organic traffic, this strategy also increases brand awareness. Additionally, brand awareness through SEO services can support and enhance other marketing effort. When customers see your brand consistently appearing in organic search results and across multiple platforms, it reinforces trust and familiarity among your customers.

Incorporating relevant keywords into your content is an essential part of every great SEO strategy. It’s important to target branded search terms to ensure your content is being actively searched by customers, this will draw more traffic to your website.

Link building

A link building strategy can increase your brand awareness online. The more backlinks a page has, the more monthly organic search traffic from google it receives. You are able to build backlinks for your website through guest blogging. 

While Search engine optimisation has several benefits to growing your business brand and traffic, there are downsides to using SEO services.

Slow results

When organisations, businesses use SEO to help grow their website traffic, they soon begin to realise that to grow your website traffic is a slow and lengthy process. It can take months for your website to produce any results. If you wish to utilise SEO services to grow your website audience and traffic you must commit to a long-term SEO strategy. Investing time and resources into creating high-quality content specifically tailored to your audience’s needs will grow your organic traffic over time.


Algorithms are changing

Google, in particular, constantly updates its algorithms to generate more accurate results. The algorithm updates are intended to improve the user experience, but even small changes can move your website from the first to the third position. Around 75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of results, so ideally you need to be on the first page. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you site stays on google’s first page. 

  • Compare the pages that outranked your website. Analyse what they are doing differently.
  • Write content that users are searching for

Overall, if you’re interested in using SEO services for your website, ensure you weight out the pros and cons. If you are interested in pursuing SEO services to grow your website presence at Manchester SEO company, get in touch with us today.