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    We will review the current position of your site on search engines.

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    Hopefully over time you'll find that SEO will pay for itself.

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    We at Manchester SEO Company have Over 10 years experience helping companies reach their financial goals through SEO.

    SEO is essential for any business, you will need it in order for your website to be more visible on google. Without SEO your site may end up on page 10 of google or worse.

    Ideally you want your site to appear with in the first couple of pages of google as people very rarely make it past page 1.

    SEO plays a big part in making your website visible and driving traffic to your site through many factors such as up to date content and keywords.

    Increase Traffic

    There's no doubt that the process of SEO will in time drive more people to your site gaining you new potential customers.


    When creating content for SEO we make sure it is relevant and easy to read so that it can be easily read by google which will help the site rank higher.

    6 Months Commitment

    With SEO we recommend you give at least six months commitment so that we can optimize your site to the best we can and analyse the results.

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    We offer three different SEO packages to suit any size of business.


    £ 150

    Per Month

    • Review current position of site on search engines. We look at where your site is currently ranking on search engines

    • Website submission to Google and Bing. We submit your site to search engines so that it is easier to find when searching for it

    • Help in setting up google my business page. We will help you set up google my business which will display all the important info about your business such as contact info and address

    £ 299

    Per Month

    • Review current position of site on search engines

    • Website submission to Google and Bing

    • Help in setting up google my business page

    • Provide reports on the status of traffic at the time

    • On page optimisation

    • Local SEO targeting top 3 keywords of your choice

    • Monthly blog

    £ 499

    Per Month

    • Review current position of site on search engines

    • Website submission to Google and Bing

    • Help in setting up google my business page

    • Include monthly reports

    • Website speed improvement

    • Image and content optimisation

    • Monitor keyword performance

    • link building where possible

    • Monthly blog

    • Clarity support

    Work with an SEO
    Focused company

    Review The Current Position Of Your Website On Search Engine

    Before starting any SEO work on your website we will review the current position of your website on google to give us an indication of how long it may take and what work needs doing to make it rank higher on google.

    Keyword Targeting

    Here at Manchester SEO company we target 3 industry specific keywords chosen by you. Key words relate to what people are searching for in google, using the most popular keyword in your industry will help your site rank higher in google. 

    Help With Setting Up Google My Business Page

    To help your business get noticed by the public we will help you in setting up your google my business page. This is an essential tool for your business as it will share all the key information about your company such as your business address and website link, this will in turn drive traffic to your website and bring in new potential customers.


    Google wants to rank websites higher that have the most relevant and up to date information. That's why It's important to update your website with the most recent information. 

    At Manchester SEO company we have a team of content writers who write professional blogs on trending topics in your industry to keep your site up to date and give it the best possible chance at ranking higher on google.

    It's really important that your site contains the most up to date content as it could drop in ranking or even be de-indexed by google.

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    I found that one of my sites wasn't bringing in a lot of traffic due to it not being optimised. Because of this my site wasn't ranked high on google. I discovered Manchester SEO company and had a look at their packages. I decided to opt for the silver package because it was reasonably priced and includes some great features.
    Mark Terry
    I found that my website wasn't performing as well as it should be so I was looking into getting SEO done for my site when my friend recommended I use Manchester SEO Company. I was really impressed with the service these guys provided and started to see an increase in visitors.
    Emily Thorpe
    I am so happy with the Silver SEO package these guys offer. Some of the things It includes are a review of your websites current position, on page optimisation and key word targeting. They also provide status reports to show site traffic at the time. Really great service.
    Cristian Torres

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