What are the best old techniques that still work in SEO

It was when it first became obvious that search engines such as Google and Bing were using complex algorithms to determine how they ranked websites on their listings that businesses and website owners became aware that they needed to design and maintain their online presence cleverly in order to keep on top of the search engines and maintain a visible presence. They were soon building their sites based on search engine criteria and SEO was born.  Search engines decided to up their game in order to make sure that people weren’t working the system to the point that listings were no longer based on quality.


A number of updates followed, and getting your website ranked high up on listings became more complex, which meant specialist knowledge was needed and providers of SEO services became an integral part of a marketing team.  More and more techniques were needed to meet search engine criteria.  This, however, does not mean that some of the older techniques stopped being used.

Many of the first ever search engine criteria’s still stand, and therefore so do some of the best SEO techniques – they have simply evolved.  Here are two of the best older techniques that still work in SEO, and how they have changed since the beginnings of search marketing and SEO:
Link building.  A number of links to and from a website has been a good sign of a reputable and well established site since the beginning, however, this was a trick that less scrupulous SEO companies soon picked up on as an easy one to cheat at.  They started creating links from websites to any site, on the theory the more the best.  They could do this by subscribing to any directory or listings site available, and then by submitting articles containing links back to the site to article distribution networks, who would post them on easy to set up websites with little to no traffic.

link building

Link building is still as important but requires a more subtle touch.  Search engines can now detect the quality of the sites that are linked to your site, and use their quality as an indicator of your quality.  It is now essential to build a web of links to and from your site, to relevant, reputable and well connected sites, so you should be careful where you place yourself.  The wrong link can do more harm than good.



Use of keywords.  Search engines have always used ‘robots’ to scan sites for relevant keywords and phrases to determine the relevance to certain searches.  When people originally caught on to this, they not only dropped keywords throughout text shamelessly despite how badly it read but ‘hid’ keywords in the background.  Search engines now have ways to check the quality of the writing as well as the keywords and phrases, meaning they should only be used in context but are still essential to use.

You can see here just how easy and effective it can be;

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